Gianfranco Bianchi is a multimedia artist, published photojournalist Based in Zurich but with clients in Berlin, Miami, Lausanne and New York City.


I have been working in the forefront of visual arts through the various uses of animations, motion design, video mapping, visual effects, photography, film and art installations which I am proud to show at this year's TEDx Lausanne Women.

With multimedia projects ranging from an animated series with accompanying comic books and collaborations with the David Lynch Foundation, to unique fashion editorials from Tokyo to Miami, interactive virtual installations, video commercials and short films. Telling stories through creative means is my goal.

I have been working in digital media for more than 15 years and have also had my short films and music videos showcased in different film festivals such as the Miami International Film Festival and others around the US.

My skills involve 2D/3D frame by frame and motion design animations, film (production, cinematography, direction) illustrations, architectural visualizations and photography.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Gianfranco Bianchi.

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