Gianfranco Bianchi is a visual artist learning and embracing all the ways one can tell a story. He started his career creating still architectural visualizations that became animations, visual effects for films, music videos and short films. At the same time his illustrations became comic books and concept art pieces who then turned into motion graphics and frame by frame animations. He understood that as a visual artist everything can become an important single art piece or one of many styles and techniques that can become something entirely different.

His work has taken him around the globe on location and through festivals that have awarded him best in show, publishing houses that have exhibited and published his comic books as well as fashion editorials. As well as donating his time to organizations like TEDx in Switzerland and Monte-Carlo as a stage designer and animator.

He is now in Switzerland working with one of their Opera houses to bring a first in the world interactive experience through the app he is coding for them using his skills in 3D, animation, illustration, world building and augmented reality.